seriously stylish: jenna lyons

Solange Knowles Marries Alan Ferguson - Wedding DayEveryone’s talking about Solange’s wedding but can we talk about Jenna Lyons’ outfit? Creative Director of J.Crew, Jenna Lyons, never ceases to amaze. This outfit is total inspiration to ‘think differently’ when putting together an outfit. I, like most people, fall into the same trap of outfit after outfit all looking the same. This match-up of fur, feathers, and a button up t-shirt is polished, chic and effortless all in one.

Don’t worry Solange, all of your outfits were still killer.


ocean cove

You know you had a good weekend when you’re still reminiscing Tuesday morning. This past weekend I went camping at this awesomely beautiful campsite on the northern coast called Ocean Cove. I love camping because it forces me to shut off my stressing mind and enjoy time with close friends. Even though I’m somewhat of a camping newb, I think it’s safe to say I’m hooked.

This weekend was especially fun because I got to play around with my new(ish) camera that my Dad let me steal from him. We were right on the cliffs, so we got to watch sea lions basking basking in the sun, sea otters playing in the water, and lots of really cool rock formations on the cliff. The cherry on top was watching the sunset which I was too wrapped up in to even get a snapshot! It was an honestly amazing trip all around.


One trick I want to share: I LOVE campfires, but don’t love the campfire smell in my hair once I’m long gone from the campground. Mix juice from a fresh lemon and water and spritz into hair, or squeeze directly on like I did, and the smokey-ness will be gone before you know it!

Time to start planning the next camping trip!

ocean cove

falling in love with fall (fashion)

Goodbye summer. It has been a pleasure, and most certainly a whirlwind, but this girl is looking forward to a change of pace and wardrobe too.

With 2015 Spring/Summer Fashion Week kicking off today, I’ve recapped what I’m looking forward to shaping my upcoming fall wardrobe around.


All Over Knits

Let’s be honest, chunky knits will always be a hit in the fall/winter seasons. Crank up the volume on this look by dawning it head to toe. Go bright and bold or subtle and delicate, but either way it’s time to stalk up on chunky knits.


Céline, Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs, and Haider Ackermann

Muted Tones

I have been all about nudes this summer and cant wait to keep the muted tones going on through fall. This look is flawless and simple all at the same time.



Sixties Inspo

Mini skirts, pastel colors and trapeze dresses will give a winter wardrobe the fresh facelift it needs. Pair with patent knee-high boots and you’ll be totally sweet in your Sixties inspired get-up.

Mui Mui, Valentino, Louis Vuitton and Gucci



This is a hemline that I think is absolutely flattening on just about anyone. It’s elegant, classy and perfect for day and night.



Oversized Fur

I have been on the hunt for a fur coat for some time now and these looks only solidify how killer an over-the-top fur coat can make any outfit. It’s chic in every way.


Fendi, Vfiles, Lanvin, Dolce & Gabbana


Psychedelic Prints

Sixties prints are back for winter and updated with a modern twist. Silky dresses in vintage prints give a true Sixties feel while making your winter wardrobe extra vibrant.


Prada, Chloé, Valentino

What are your favorite trends you’re looking forward to wearing this fall?

falling in love with fall (fashion)

seriously stylish: jillian banks

Coming back from a long weekend in Vegas my ears were in much need of some mellow tunes. Hence where Banks comes into play.


When I first discovered her music, I was on the hunt for more—I couldn’t get enough. Over the past couple months she’s been slowly releasing singles and one after another are pure gold. Her music has a calm, cool, sultry feel with raw emotion that is truly powerful. And that’s just the beginning.


Not only do I love every piece of music she makes, I love her personal style too. Her leather jackets, slinky all black getups and smoky eyes perfectly mirror her mysterious and hauntingly ethereal sound. It’s apparent that her music influences her style and vice versa. The two go hand in hand.

She’s always rocking all black, a girl after my own heart. It’s feminine, powerful, and effortless all while still being sexy. Color is fun, but I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker color.

seriously stylish: jillian banks

too cool for school, but never too cool for backpacks

While all you yougin’s are heading back to school, I’m simply looking for an excuse to update one of my favorite accessories: the backpack. I am all for rockin’ the “Adult Backpack” because lets face it, backpacks rock. Not only are they totally practical for a city-dwelling gal, but they also give any outfit an instant hip facelift.


For fall, it’s all about colorful leather and exotic prints. Say goodbye to that teeny-bopper Jansport, and hello to something so much chic-er.

 Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 4.52.11 PM 

From top left to right: Topshop Premium Leopard Pony Backpack, Alexander Wang Prisma Skeletal Crocodile Embossed Leather Backpack, Stella McCartney Blue Shaggy Deer Chain-Trimmed Rucksack, Jerome Dreyfuss Florent Backpack, Marc by Marc Jacobs Deep Teal Leather Luna Backpack, Proenza Schouler PS1 Backpack

too cool for school, but never too cool for backpacks

jumping on the cleanse train

Ah, cleanses. I have always been a little skeptical about juice cleanses because let’s be honest, I love food far too much to simply give it up. Seriously, who thinks it’s fun to have no solid food for three days? Not this girl.


So why am I cleansing you ask? Well, after everything I’ve been putting my body through this summer, my body has decided it’s time. So I called in my sister, the cleanse aficionado, to teach me the ways of the raw food cleanse (I still can’t get myself to do only juice).


She taught me that cleanses help to turn off your fat, sugar, and salt receptors so you can reset your cravings (like my MASSIVE sweet tooth). Cleanses also give your body time to detoxify and reset itself in order to spend more time absorbing nutritions rather than wasting energy breaking down complex food.


The cleanse we’re doing is simple. Only eat raw fruits and vegetables for five days. You can do three, five, or even seven days but with our crazy busy schedule we decided to stick to five. I loaded up on all my favorites and am mostly winging what I will eat for my meals depending on my mood.

photo (5)

She told me that I can eat as much as I want during the day but the one rule is to keep everything (basically) raw. Salads won’t have any dressing except some fresh lemon juice and I’ve decided I want to roast my veggies that I’ll have for dinner but won’t use oil or seasoning. Let’s get as pure as possible, baby!


I think the best way to be successful with a cleanse is to shape it to what’s actually achievable for you that way cheating is not a temptation. I mean common, this should be enjoyable and make you feel good! But, since sometimes life gets in the way and I’m prepared for that burger to be staring me down, my sister and I are going to SnapChat each other all of our meals. Not only will it hold us accountable but it’s also to encourage each other to keep it up! I’ll let you know how it goes and give an overview of meals after my five days are up.


Let the cleansing games begin!

jumping on the cleanse train